Tuesday 6/19: Flowers

A selection of my flower photosOn Tuesday morning, I went to the Farmer’s Market (source of all of the best art supplies) to get flowers. I knew I wanted something pink or magenta with large, defined petals, but I wasn’t expecting to be so lucky as to find magenta gerbera daisies.

I thought I might be able to get away with placing a daisy (with stem removed) on my scanner and editing the resulting images. This…did not work.

My next option was to take photos of the daisies on a white sheet of paper, which would then be edited to be transparent in Photoshop. Daisies are surprisingly terrible models, by the way. I had to use a combination of a piece of purse hardware left over from a sewing project and a bit of the daisy’s stem to get any of them to stand up straight. I played with the lighting between shots and found that natural light without any other lighting seemed to work best.

I went to the Mac lab in the studio to edit the photos in order to use them on the valentine. I think it wound up looking like clip art, and I’m not sure whether I mean that as a compliment to myself.

The daisy with background removed and color levels somewhat altered

I wanted to have a line of daisies looking progressively less blurry going vertically down the page, to convey the idea of the text more visually. I spent some time putting that together in Illustrator and Photoshop and editing the text further. I really wanted to get the eye chart looking like a flower petal.Here’s the finished (digital) product. There are some problems with the images: I did not allow for enough space for the Gaussian blur to not get hard edges, and I couldn’t really figure out how to fix that in Illustrator. However, I’m generally proud of it.

After that, I experimented with adding real flower petals with hot glue. I also added photosensitive nail polish to create the effect of illumination creating rose-colored glasses.

A few experiments

The final product I presented is at the top center. It was a little busy, but I think it worked as a valentine and as something I was proud of.


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